A little part of Wales is about to go to a distant place in it's own hand made box  The aroma of wood and drifted organic mosses lingers inside and a sea of colours melt around the coastal scene.  It even has some surprises for the receiver. 

You can call me a dreamer, I am and I love it.  I  love the thought of magical moments, starry nights and creating memories that last.  The scene of Tenby has been one of them. Full of vivid colours, memories of long lazy days on sandy beaches and  re creating the huddled regal homes that stand in line overlooking the harbour. 

Cobbled streets are a buzz for artists and creatives and every nook and cranny  bursts with wonderful delights and unique flavours . Shops, galleries and food are merely a tiny part that Tenby has in store for the visitor.  

The scene has been created to capture a little part of Wales for someone who misses Wales dearly, even after a single visit it's charm will linger a lifetime.  Cariad o Gymru