I love a story behind everything. Here are two new cottacges the are inspired by Wales and their stories.  My cottages are made to embrace some of the wishes and dreams that we all have. I hope these little cottages capture your wishes and imagination too.  

 * Dream Cottage*

  Wake every morning in your * Home Sweet Home*. The blue washed little Welsh cottage stands close to the sea where the sun always shines. On awakening, the early morning spray freshens you through an open window. Peeping out you follow the crooked steps that lead you to the rocks below where you can embrace the wonders of the ocean. You sit a moment whilst the day passes by.   

  *How green is our valley*

 From the sandy shores of Welsh seaside towns to deep in the hills and valleys of the Welsh Mountains rows of these cottages had been homes for the fishermen, miners and workers of old industrial Wales for some 100 years or so. Now the cottages have become the dreams of a new generation. Weekends in winter are spent by cosy log fires and displays of roses adorn the doorways in summer. The monumental mountains that once housed seams of coal now remain silent of the industrial community that worked within them. *How green is our valley* is a gentle nod to the past and a reminder that some things can never change completely.